Bowls Program

Tuesday - Ladies 9:30 am
Wednesday - Men’s mufti 12:30 pm
Thursday - Ladies 9:30 am
Friday - Mixed Dollar Pot pairs mufti 9:30 am
Saturday - AM Roll Ups | Men’s Social Mufti (white top) and Championship rounds
Sunday - AM Roadrunners Social | Mufti Dress Rules
3rd Wednesday of the month: Jackpot Triples; nominated.

Visitors welcome to all events

Clean Up Day 2013
Join the Barefoot Bowlers. A great social afternoon.
All weather green for year round bowls.
Visitors are welcome on social and competition days .
Men’s Bowling Club Office Holders
President: Tony Hutchins
Vice President: David Beavis
Treasurer: Andrew Jarvis
Bowls Secretary: Bruce Angus

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